It’s insane to me that a band with only a year and a half worth of experience together are so entirely reinvigorated and conquering with each performance.”

McKenzie Aubrey

Without hesitation I can wholeheartedly say: If Huckleberry Funk played every week, I’d try to catch it every time. This was my fourth time seeing them live and it was just as, if not more, different and magnetic as the three previous performances I’ve experienced. ”

McKenzie Aubrey

I had this feeling inside of me when I first heard them that basically said, 'We'd better be friends, because I would hate a group so good to be my enemies!'”

Berkley the Artist - Lead Vocalist of Water Seed

It was like they were declaring, 'Opening act? Screw that noise - we are stealing this show!' So damn good.”

Wayne Bertsch

I wouldn’t be surprised to find Huckleberry Funk – a soul, funk and rock group from Bloomington, Indiana – on stage at jazz fest in New Orleans in a few years.”

Carl Abernathy

...You guys were very cooperative and easy to work with. You played phenomenally and were the reason the crowd stayed.”

Kade Padgett - Indiana Memorial Union Board